Sunday, July 1, 2012

The unbeliveably bad EU "Science is a girl thing" video

It is simply hard to believe the European Commission could be this socially tone deaf.

In creating a video for it's new campaign to recruit girls into science the EU produced 53 seconds of blatant stereotypes about teenage girls. Short skirts, high heels, ogling man, giggles, dropping molecules - and science only for the pursuit of creating makeup - products flagrantly promoted to teenagers and  intimately involved in their early sexualization.

 While it is amazingly, depressingly bad the video does have a silver lining. At least it sparked a debate -- see the Washington Post, and Wired UK's reactions -- and getting people talking about the stereotyping of girls against science is a start. But, my oh my, progress on the stereotyping of girls is slow!

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